3 Reasons to Try Honestbee NOW : Honestbee Philippines Review

Honestbee promos have been popping in my feed I think for half a year now! Then, last last week, my sister sent us registration link to Honestbee. And, I thought, “Hey! I think it is time” hahaha. So I signed up! I was mesmerised by the “500 OFF”! 500 pesos din yun no!

But first, what is Honestbee?

Honestbee is the asia’s leading concierge and delivery service. It was founded by Joel Sng, Isaac Tay, and Jonathan Low. Honestbee can be found in 8 asian countries namely, Singapore (HQ), Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines.

Their vision is,

To become the world’s most convenient services marketplace

Their missions is,

To provide positive social and financial impact on the lives and businesses that we touch

So how does Honestbee work?

You can use Honestbee in 4 simple steps:

  1. Download Honestbee app from Google Play or Apple Store
  2. Order from your favorite grocery store
  3. A worker bee (TRAINED concierge shopper) do the shopping for you
  4. A delivery bee will deliver your order right in front of your doorstep

You might be asking, what if an item in your cart is out of stock. Don’t worry! If an item is out of stock, your worker bee will call or text you to suggest a substitute. This feature is one of my favorite!

As for their pricing, they have transparent pricing. According to their website, they “Check labels below store logos to see how items are priced.”.

For payment, you can pay using your credit card, or Cash-on-delivery (COD)!

So here’s 3 reasons to try Honestbee NOW!

1. Less 500 on your First Honestbee Purchase

Ask your friends if they have Honestbee Promo code. It’ll benefit both of you. You’ll get 500 OFF on your first purchase, and your friend will also get 500 OFF on your successful purchase.

Note, 500 OFF can be claimed with a minimum 2,500 purchase. Still.. Not bad!

I claimed my 500OFF in Robinson’s Supermarket

And, if you can’t find a friend with a promo code, you can use mine 🙂


2. Honestbee Offers Convenience

When you have new born, two super kulit toddlers, and sleep is beyond your reach, going to grocery is a luxury, luxury I can’t afford right now.

But, thanks to Honnestbee, I may have that luxury.

Just order from Hobestbee app. Pay through credit card or COD, then sit back and relax! Your grocery is delivered right to your doorstep!

3. You’ll Get a Very Cute Honestbee Eco Bag(s)

Ditch plastic, NOW! Let’s help mother earth by using reusable items, like Eco Bag!

One of the reasons I am hooked on Honnestbee is their Eco Bag! For every purchase from Honnestbee, you’ll get their super cute yellow Eco Bag. Lookie!


I’ve been using Honestbee for quite some time now, and I am very happy with their service. The worker bee assigned to me texted me if an item is out of stock and suggested alternatives. The delivery bees are super friendly.

Questions about Honnestbee?

Leave a comment. I might be able to help!

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