5-page Printable that will Teach your Kids Money Mindfulness amid COVID-19

5-page Printable that will Teach your Kids Money Mindfulness amid COVID-19

If every day you’re looking for activities to give to your kids amid COVID-19 enhanced community quarantine, you’re in the right place.

Download my 5-page printable that will teach your kids money mindfulness amid COVID-19.

If you don’t have a printer, there are 2 things that you can do. First is you can copy the contents of the printable into a scratch paper. Second is, you can download the images and use a drawing app on your mobile phones or tablets.

You might be thinking that our Enhanced Community Quarantine will be extended.

And if the ECQ is extended, our household income will be affected in some way. Therefore we need to save as much as possible. And saving will only be successful if everyone in our household cooperates. Including our kids. Do you agree?

I created a 5-page printable that will teach our kids Money Mindfulness. By using this printable, we can “indirectly ” introduce money to our small kids.

This printable can also develop motor skills of our kids by writing, coloring, and tracing.

Below is my printable guide.

Develop Motor Skills through Writing, Coloring, and Tracing

Skills that might be developed

  • Motor skills through writing, coloring, and tracing
  • Word recognition
  • Alphabet recognition
  • Writing their names
  • Date familiarization
Practice Writing their Names and Date Familiarization

I encourage everyone who’s using this printable to explain to your children the following:

  • the importance of saving/conserving
  • the effect of family member’s action on money
Guide for each page

Download the Printable here

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Get the raw printable file here

You can also download the editable file here. Visit my Shopee shop. You can use this to start making your own printable.

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