Crayola Colors of the World Skin Tone Crayons Color Swatches

Do you have a box of Crayola in your house? I bet you have! There’s this excitement whenever I see a new set of Crayola. That is why, when I heard about the NEW Colors of the World Crayola set, I was very excited!

Crayola released the Colors of the World last year. Crayola Colors of the World contain 24 specially formulated colors representing people of the world. If you are a fan of rustic themes, this Crayola set is for you!

I bought mine at National Bookstore Megamall for Php109. You can also check this link.

My daughter and I had fun swatching the Crayola Colors of the World set using the printable I created. Download the printable below: Crayola Colors of the World Swatching Printable

Check my swatches below:

The Almond Family
The Golden Family
The Rose Family

Here is the list of all the colors:

medium almond
medium deep rose
light medium rose
light medium almond
light almond
light rose
light medium golden
very light almond
light golden
very light rose
very light golden
extra light almond

deepest almond
extra deep golden
extra deep rose
extra deep almond
very deep almond
deep golden
medium deep golden
deep almond
very deep rose
deep rose
medium deep almond
medium golden

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