Farlin 2oz Bottles – Alternative for Breast Milk Storage

Breastfeeding mom? Will go back to work anytime soon? Looking for breast milk storage? Low budget? I think I have a suggestion.

When I was looking for breast milk storage, 3 months ago, my options were Avent bottles or Medela storage freezing pack. But I think they are too pricey, and the volume of those bottles are quite big given that I cannot express so much milk. Thus I looked for small storage (at least 2oz.)

I found the “2oz Farlin bottles” in SM Baby Company. One bottle costs 69.75php (I think! Hahaha Nakalimutan ko na!) . So I bought 8! Hahaahaha

For me, the only disadvantage is it cannot be frozen (I assume because the box did not say so). But all in all, it was a good buy 🙂