Living Room Plant Decor Ideas

Maybe, at some point in our ECQ time, you thought of buying indoor plants.

So while The idea of having an indoor plant in my living room seems exciting, the thought of taking care of them (to not to kill them) is daunting! But, let’s deal with that later, OK?

Check the indoor plant ideas below. You can also visit the artists for more photos!

Photo by ÇAĞIN CEYDA on Unsplash
Photo by 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash
Photo by Orlova Maria on Unsplash
Photo by Haley Truong on Unsplash
Photo by Izabelle Acheson on Unsplash
Photo by Jean-Philippe Delberghe on Unsplash
Photo by Mo Freeman on Unsplash
Photo by Laura Cleffmann on Unsplash
Photo by Glen McCallum on Unsplash
Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash
Photo by Michael Oxendine on Unsplash
Photo by Bundo Kim on Unsplash
Photo by Nasim Keshmiri on Unsplash
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash
Photo by Sidney Pearce on Unsplash
Photo by Jean-Philippe Delberghe on Unsplash
Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash
Photo by Alyssa Strohmann on Unsplash
Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash
Photo by Huy Phan on Unsplash
Photo by kolya korzh on Unsplash
Photo by Coco Tafoya on Unsplash

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