Maybank iSAVE: Opening a Bank Account without Going to the Branch

Maybank iSAVE is giving us the chance to open a bank account without going to the branch.

Banking. Banking has been a part of lives for like, zillions of years. JUST KIDDING! Ha ha ha.

But, banking is very important in our current era. Especially in this digital era. We can now do almost any bank transactions online. Like paying the bills, fund transfers, changing some personal information, etc. But, we cannot open an account online. We need to go to the branch to do that. Fall in line and fill out forms.

But thanks to Maybank iSAVE. iSave is an online-only account that will enable customers to open an account FULLY ONLINE without going to the branch. All forms and documentary requirements will be submitted via the Maybank2U PH App.

What is the advantage of opening an Maybank iSAVE account?

Opening a Maybank iSAVE account does not require an initial deposit, and it has no maintaining balance. So I think Maybank iSAVE can be a step in your long overdue savings plan.

Let us save! Start with Maybank iSAVE
Photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash

When I am trying to open a Maybank iSAVE, I have so many questions. From “how to deposit?” to “how to withdraw”. These might be your questions right now, am I right?

Before I share my questions and answers, let me share with you how I know Maybank iSAVE.

I was in Ayala Vertis North last Saturday and Maybank iSAVE has a booth there. A few weeks back, my husband shared to me that a bank offers an account creation without going to the bank. My reply was only, “Owwwww”, and the I moved on with my life! Ha ha ha!

Maybank MOVE booth and Maybank iSAVE booth

So when I saw Maybank’s booth, and their flyers (that says you can create a bank account without going to the branch), I said to myself, “Owwwwww is this a thing?”. And I gave it a try.

So going back to my questions, I asked them the following and they answered all my questions brightly đŸ™‚

Maybank MOVE booth and Maybank iSAVE booth

Me: How can I withdraw? (Ha ha ha! The most important questions!)

Maybank staff: You can withdraw at any Maybank branch and from ANY ATM in the Philippines, for FREE.

Me: How can I deposit?

Maybank staff: You can deposit at any Maybank branch. Other banks can also fund transfer to your Maybank iSAVE account.

Me: How can I get my ATM knowing that we opened online?

Maybank staff: ATM and pin will be delivered at your registered address

Me: *another important coming through, like you know, online shopping, he he he*, How can I transfer to another bank from my Maybank account.

Maybank staff: You can transfer to other banks.

I opened my account last Sunday (Feb 17), and my account was created last Tuesday (Feb 19)

hallernanay and Maybank mascot at 
 Maybank iSAVE booth

Please visit Maybank’s MOVE booth at Ayala Vertis North to know more. They will be there until Feb 24, 2019. Or you can visit their website here.

Check also their Terms and Conditions here.

You can also join their ongoing giveaway. Check the image below.

Maybank iSAVE giveaway

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