My 3 Favorite Styles of Ellie and Me Mommywear


Breastfeeding is a gift from God. God created breastfeeding to nurture our little one. No other milk is best for our bundle of joy. It’s also a journey that mommy and baby can enjoy.

In my experience, breastfeeding is not easy at first, but once you get your groove, you’ll love it! When I was pregnant to my third baby, I was excited to breastfeed. Really! I am excited to bond with my baby through breastfeeding.

In your breastfeeding journey, you’ll encounter many ups and downs. And you will need every support you can get. I also started searching for breastfeeding/nursing product that can help with my breastfeeding journey. One product is nursing wear!

I came across Ellie and Me Mommywear in one of my event, at Baby Palooza.

Ellie and Me Mommywear is owned by mommy Viva!

Mommy Viva and Me

Last year, mommy Viva launched her new line of mommy wears. And It is really stunning!

Every wear is carefully designed to suit the needs of every nursing mommy.

I really like the “access points” of their mommy wear. It’s discreet yet really accessible.

And here are my 3 Favorite Styles of Ellie and Me Mommywear

1. Delilah Wrap Dress

Nothing can beat wrap dresses for a comfortable breastfeeding!

2. Eve Mommywear

I have this, and it’s really stunning!


3. Nursing Top

This is my “go-to” top! Because it hides my post partum flabs.

Check out their new line below:

See! Nursing “access points” (haha! I like that term, access point) is discreet. It’s not “halata.

And their mommywear cannot only be used while breastfeeding, you can also use it while pregnant! So you can really use their clothing for a long time. It’s a value for money.

You can check their instagram page here


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