Prime Mom Club: Pilot Workshop

Way way back into my elementary and high school life (no K12 at that time… ha! Guess my age!), we have these clubs where we attend after our regular class to unwind, start new friendship, chika chika, and discover new things. There’s Book Lovers Club, TALINDAW (TALento sa Pag-INDak at PagsayAW), Glee club, and many more.

Now that I am way way far from my elementary and high school life, and slowly getting along with motherly life, sometimes I asked myself, “Meron bang Mother Club?”.

Thanks to social media, I found many “Cluby” (hahaha! Parang tugsh tugsh lang no?) Mother “Communities”.

Some of them are Mamacademy PH, Mommy Mundo, Mommy BFFs, and Breastfeeding Pinay.

And then….. I was invited to be a member of PRIME MOM CLUB.

Prime Mom Club is a community created by Mega Prime Quality that aims to support nanays in being kitchen savvy by sharing recipes and kitchen tips using Mega Prime’s products!

Prime Mom Club launch their Pilot Workshop last July 20, 2018 at Prime Hotel in Quezon City. Prime moms gathered in a FUN filled day to learn things that can contribute to the daily lives of PRIME moms! Az in!

Prime Mom Club
Our very own Prime Mom Apron

Nutritionist Alene Robles share information about healthy foods. (NAKUUUUUUUUU CHOCOLATES ALAM MO NA!!!)

Nutritionist Alene Robles

Chef Niño taught us how to make Lasagna Soup and Arroz Con Leche by using Mega Prime’s Mushrooms and Mega Prime’s Corn Kernels. Mr. Arroz Con Leche, gagawin din kita… BALANG ARAW HAHAH!

Chef Niño teaching us how to cook Lasagna Soup and Arroz Con Leche

Marian Rivera (Yasss! Marian River is a Prime Mom member too!) Taught us how to make Chicken Cream Soup using Prime’s Mushrooms. PERNES, ang dali lang nito! Sa kaka-picture ko sa kanya, hindi ko na nakuha recipe! Hahaha! Basta may chicken, butter, bawang, sibuyas, Carrots, Celery, cream, chicken stock. OK?!

Marian River sharing us her hearty Chicken Creamy Soup Recipe

Kat Maderazo, the mommy behind @bentobykat, taught us how to make our own bentos! May pa-contest pa ha! Me and mommy Anna created this bento from scratch! Sayang di kami nanalo! Ang cute pa naman ng bento namin o. HAHAHA.

Kat Maderazo explaining Bento Making

Missed the Prime Mom Club Pilot Workshop? Don’t worry, just register to PRIME MOM Club to catch the next workshops!

Visit using your Facebook account!

Hope to see you sa mga next workshops mga nanays!

Prime Moms
Our loot filled with Mega Prime Quality Products

Thank you Mega Prime Quality for organizing the Prime Mom event!

Mega Prime Quality Brand Manager Raymond Alegre
Marvin Tiu Lim VP Sales and Marketing at Mega Global